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安徽快三计划 Three creative spirit is invariant gene to CACL


Innovation is the power for growth, development and extension of an enterprise as well as the foundation of keeping our technical leadership. The innovative spirit has gone deep into the marrow of every staff in CACL; innovation drives us to move forwards continuously from the first hydrocarbon refrigerant filling machine of China to the carbon dioxide filling machine with the highest precision in the whole world as well as from automatic release to unmanned intelligent filling.

Excellence creation refers to the creation of high-quality enterprises and high-quality products, with all the jobs insisting on high standards and strict requirements. The excellence creation spirit of “Life regrets without peak reaching in mountain climbing; lifetime shames without source tracing” summons us to contribute more high-quality competitive products to the society.

Enterprising spirit is entrepreneurship. We encourage every staff to possess entrepreneurship with dream, ambition, steadiness and persistence and become their own CEO from “Be managed” to “Self-management” and from “Passive acceptance” to “Initiative selection”; bring happiness to others in the process of pursuing our own benefits in the objective of self-interest and the means of others’ happiness.

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